Virus & Malware Removal

We ensure secure and functioning desktops and laptops, free of malicious software. This is vital to any business operations.

Email Management

We can resolve any email issue from basic setup to troubleshooting of your email server. We ensure that email is working properly for your team.

Network Connectivity

It is operational critical for your company to have a working network connectivity. We ensure that the outage is resolved at the earliest to ensure minimal impact to your company.

Printing Facility

In many offices, printing, scanning and faxing are essential tasks. It's important that any of these devices are properly set up and configured so that they operate in the efficient manner.

Antivirus Software

Data is absolutely critical for all companies. Properly functioning antivirus and security software is important to ensure that this protection is in place.

Firewall & Endpoint

Every company's network require protection. Using a hardware firewall, or endpoint security appliance will prevent any malicious attacks.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

We can assist with the setup, troubleshooting of your wireless networks, ensuring that your employees and guests have uninterrupted internet access in their laptops, smartphones or tablets.

Performance Tuning

To ensure an efficient and productive equipment, basic preventive maintenance to your PCs, desktops is essential.

Business Data Backup

Data is critical to your core operation. Ensuring a fast, efficient and reliable method to back up your entire company's data is critical.


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